Stunning Shower Systems for Any Space


A shower is more than simply a place to wash away the day’s grime. It is also a focal point of any bathroom. For this reason, picking out the right style shower is a key decision during a bathroom redesign.

One trusted provider of shower fixtures is Kingston Brass. Kingston provides stunning shower styles to match any space.

While the countless options can feel overwhelming, picking out a shower doesn’t need to be an arduous task. Check out the following quick guide to choosing the right style of shower.

A Classic Tub & Shower Combination

What can be more relaxing than sinking into a warm bath? For homeowners who have the option, a tub and shower combination is a luxury worth considering. Whether the day calls for a quick shower or a luxury soak, a tub shower combo will deliver.

For a tub and shower combination, the right fixtures are key. The Kingston Brass Concord Tub & Shower Faucet combination in polished brass will add a classically beautiful touch to the space. This pairs well with almost any design, making it an easy upgrade choice without investing in a full bathroom remodel.

Tub & Shower Faucet: KB2632DL
Tub & Shower Faucet: KB2632DL

The Simple Single Shower System

In some cases, a bathroom is only designed with enough space for a single shower system. However, a shower by itself can provide true luxury with the right fixture in place. For example, the Kingston Brass Rain Drop Shower will turn any bathroom into an oasis. With the specialized shower head, mimicking the soothing feel of rainfall, this shower system offers a luxurious upgrade. Opt for the polished brass to create a stunning and opulent look.

@elevengables Shower Combo: CCK6172

Complete the Look with the Small Touches

Finally, whatever style of shower or shower/tub combination is chosen, the look should be completed with accompanying small touches. Opt for a matching bathroom sink set or a towel rack with an identical finish. Every little detail will help to tie the entire design together.

@whiteshantyathome Shower System: CCK6172 Tub Faucet: CC57T2 Supply: CC472

Trusted Showers by Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass is a proud provider of luxurious shower and tub systems. Shop their vast selection today to find the ideal fit for any space.

Featured Image: @littlelattihouse Shower System: CCK6171


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