I know not everyone is a fan of Amazon, but it’s a brand that I’ve personally come to rely on, especially throughout this last year stuck at home

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I’ve bought cleaning supplies, techie gadgets, books, and home décor, just to name a few things, and I know I’m not alone in being able to make that statement.

Since the bounty of options to buy on Amazon is pretty much limitless and can feel intimidating at times, I thought I’d put together a list of the dozen items I’ve actually bought and loved in case you want a “real life” review. Keep scrolling for a list of the things that I’ve either already purchased multiple times over, or that I would gladly repurchase should the need arise.

Things I’d Rebuy From Amazon:

1. Room Darkening Curtain Panels: These curtains are super thick and soft. I added them to our main bedroom, and they make the space feel so cozy and elegant. They block a good amount of light, too, although I never use them for that purpose.

2. Cedar Artificial Bush: I’ve bought this faux plant many times over because it’s so real-looking, and seems to do well outside—even in full bright sun. No fading to speak of, but I’ll update this post if I spot any dulling of color in the next year or two.

3. Faux Leather/Cotton Pillow Covers: I’m no good at mixing throw pillows. It’s just not a design talent I have! I’ve had these two-tone pillows on our couch for years, and they’re the only ones I seem to be able to style with successfully. Can’t beat that price, either.

4. Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner: I use this upholstery cleaner at least a couple times a week (pet mom problems), and it’s a life saver every single time. I would definitely rebuy it!

5. Wireless Security Camera: Here’s another thing we’ve repurchased multiple times over the years. These cameras are so easy to set up, and don’t require a contract or have recurring costs. I replaced an old ADT system with these, and they’re world’s away better.

6. Peel & Stick Floor Tile: We have these peel-and-stick tiles all over our house, and they’re holding up great. They’ve helped us successfully hide all sorts of ugly floors over the years (think: raw concrete and old dated tile from the ’70s).

7. Wooden Hook Rack: This rack is so sturdy and functional. There’s one in our upstairs bathroom and another in our downstairs bath. I was thinking about buying a third to put inside our front door for coats and things. Couldn’t recommend it more.

8. LED Smart Bulb: I’ve bought these smart bulbs three or four times over, I’ve lost count. They make things so seamless when it comes to lighting our home. They’re a little pricey, so I keep an eye out for discounted repackaged versions of the same product on Amazon.

9. Double-Sided Carpet Tape: This carpet tape has helped me hold down nearly every single rug we’ve ever added to our house, which is saying a lot. I’ve stuck it down over both carpet and hardwood flooring underneath our rugs, and it has yet to leave any damage when I go to remove it.

10. Non-Slip Rug Pad: Speaking of rugs, this pad is another one that I’ve used to help our rugs stay put. We have one in every room!

11. Loloi II Layla Area Rug: This particular rug from Loloi is one of my absolute favorites. I bought it for our main bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The colors are even better in person.

12. Universal Trip Lever: This was a recent Amazon purchase, but one that I would absolutely rebuy. It somehow made our toilet look pretty fancy, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever type!

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