Floor Stand Towel Warmers and Towel Racks


Imagine always having a warm towel to dry off with after every shower. Winter baths are a lot more relaxing when there’s a hot towel to wrap up in at the end. Floor stand towel warmers and towel racks are the easiest way to organize a whole collection of towels while keeping them toasty at the same time. Decide which type of towel stand warmer or rack is right for your luxury bathroom with these tips.

Towel Warmers or Standard Stands?

Freestanding towel stands and racks are available in both heated and unheated options. Heated towel stands and racks may sound like a luxury, but they’re a worthwhile one. In addition to providing the comfort of a warm towel, these racks reduce humidity both in the towels and the bathroom as a whole. This can reduce or prevent mildew growth and keep bath linens smelling fresher between washes. If there’s a need to hang dry some delicate clothing, a heated rack speeds up drying significantly. Try installing at least one heated stand and a few more that are unheated for organization and storage.

Mobile vs Fixed Stands and Racks

Fixed racks make good use of wall space, but they’re rarely located near enough to the shower or bath for grabbing a towel while wet. Floor stand towel racks are easy to move as needed. Tuck the stand or rack wherever it’s convenient, including hidden away in a closet to keep it out of the way. Most bathrooms will benefit from a combination of both types of stands so that towels are stored on fixed wall racks and then rotated into use on the mobile stands.

Constant Operation

Heated towel warmers plug into a convenient outlet or require hard wiring. Either way, these racks and stands are designed to run continuously without any additional fire or burn risk. This small amount of constant heating keeps the bathroom dry and warm, especially in the winter. Despite being constantly switched on, these warmers use relatively little electricity over the course of a year.

Upgrade your bathing experience by adding heated towel floor stands to your bathroom. Kingston Brass has everything you need to complete a bathroom renovation or refresh.


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