Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With The Help of Plants

Make your home come to life with plants! Here is how to decorate using greenery in your home!

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I have been on a little mission of late to try and bring in more of nature into my home to breathe some fresh life into the place. Last week I went to visit Pearsons florist to pick up some new house plants and the selection was astonishing. There are many plants and many ways in which you can use them to really give your home a new look, the key is in being creative and having an open mind. Here are some tips which have really helped to spruce up my home using plants, perhaps you could give them a try.


I can remember when I used to work for a high street store and there used to always be heavy focus on the first 30feet. The meaning behind this is what a customer will be looking at as they enter the store, as it dictates how much they will enjoy their experience and how much they may spend. The same thing goes for your home, those first few steps which you take are important in dictating mood, which is why you should look to make a big statement with a gorgeous and sizable plant.


The bathroom should always be plant heavy as it adds to the sense of cleanliness and nature, which is what the bathroom is all about when you think about it. Look to keep the bathroom green, using spider plants and similar choices which will work well regardless of what color or style your bathroom is.

Hanging Gardens

There is some debate as to whether or not the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ever really existed, but this is a lovely idea which you can most definitely implement in your own home. This can be easily achieved using a hanging shoe rack, which can be picked up super cheap online. Once you get the shoe rack all you need to do is fill each of the holes up with earth, and then plant your seeds. This is a great idea for those who dont have much space to play with and having herbs in there is one of the best options as it will look and smell great.

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Hanging Ivy

Ivy which sprawls over the facade of your home is a great idea and it will give a real vintage look to the property. Ivy has more uses than just looking good however and it is also a fantastic air purifier, cutting out around 94% of the mold particles which are produced by the home. Ivy looks great and it is surprisingly easy to maintain. Using plants around the windows of your home and in entrances and hallways have the wonderful effect of the bringing the outside in, and making sure that there is a real cleanliness and freshness to each room within the property. The big thing for you to worry about is ensuring that your plants remain watered and that they get lots of boosting sunlight.

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