Earthy Brown And Black Decor With Rugged Rock Features & Luxurious Lighting

Walnut, rich brown and solid black come together as an earthy decor palette in this sophisticated home interior, designed by BODES Studio. Smoky grey drifts through as a connecting shade, whilst mature indoor plants grow green moments of uplifting contrast. Eye-catching deep rock feature walls add rugged character to a TV wall in the living room, the kitchen and in the bedroom too. The whole look is topped and tailed with beautiful lighting solutions that accentuate every perfected detail. From impressive modern pendants and recessed ceiling strips, to glowy feature edging and baseboard LED ribbons, this place is well equipped to show off all of its assets in the very best light.

A large brown modern sofa becomes the shaping earthy undertone for the open plan living room. Grey scatter cushions provide tonal accessorisation, and pull together with a grey area rug. Stone grey paintwork fills in the walls and ceiling of the room, enveloping the space in cave-like shadow.

A round coffee table nestles within the sofa’s sectional arrangement. On top of the table, a white sculpture stands out crisply inside the brown to black decor spectrum. A white side table makes a clean addition to the edge of the lounge.

The TV wall decor is a mesmerising rockface effect, laid over with grey marbled tiles. Mood lighting around the edge of the smooth floating tiles accentuates the deep textural contrast of their rugged backdrop.

Plush grey drapes hang heavy at large windows, where sheer voiles provide privacy during daylight. Large leafy plants explode green accents.

Behind the lounge, we’re met with a spectacular dining chandelier, which is a customisable Vibia suspension.

Another white moment lightens the centre of the modern dining table, in the shape of a simple decorative vase and feathery white pampas grass. The table runs straight off the end of a central kitchen island for a streamlined layout.

A modern fruit bowl creates a small pause between the cooking area and the dining table.

Ceiling perimeter lights accentuate a rustic rock feature above the kitchen wall cabinets.

Plinth lights spill soft golden glow onto the kitchen floor by the bar stools.

Under cabinet strip lights showcase the marble tile backsplash.

The same tiles are used for the TV mount, the kitchen backsplash and the floor of the home entryway.

Baseboard LED strips beam around the tiled floor, and a stylish grey entryway bench.

The rest of the floor in the home is styled with warming dark walnut.

Baseboard ribbon lights flow up the modern staircase design too. Open risers let natural light through from a half-landing window.

Flat bedroom doors camouflage in grey walls.

A rocky bedroom accent wall is made more dramatic under recessed ceiling perimeter lights, a concealed headboard LED strip, and a unique bedside pendant light. A modern bedside table lamp glows at the opposite edge of the platform bed. Check out other stylish bedroom pendant lights here.

Dark decor wraps the sleep space like a cocoon.

A black vanity stool pulls up at an integrated wall mounted dressing table and media cabinet design.

The walk in wardrobe contains a system of walnut shelves and chests of drawers that compliment the tone of the flooring. Shelf lights highlight the grain and the garments.

An exquisite bathroom design holds a twin vanity area and a luxury freestanding bathtub.

A linear suspension light distributes even illumination across the entire width of the double sink bathroom vanity.

Perimeter light trickles down the dark tile walls.

In the home office, light strips are embedded into a black slatted feature wall.

A linear suspension light spans the desktop.

The home office desk is faced towards the window to eliminate unwanted light bounce from the computer screen. The positioning also allows for a wall of smart office storage cabinets to occupy the space behind it.

A plant stand rests by a TV wall in the office, adding in the green accent.

Contrasting monochrome defines the next bedroom scheme, from contrasted bedroom pendant lights to white and charcoal wall sections.

One grey bedroom section separates out a designated home workspace.

A black throw weights a light grey and white bed set.

The shower room is styled with a walk-in enclosure and a unique pedestal sink.

Elegant modern bathroom vanity lights fall within a recessed nook, which is further defined with LED edge lighting.

The bathroom lighting changes colour to change the mood.

White tinted glass obscures the shower from the rest of the room.

The floor and walls are tiled in one continuous fluid effect.

The large laundry room is a blackout of matching cabinets, walls, black floor and ceiling. A white washing machine and tumble dryer stack up by the sink nook.

On the opposite side to the washing machines, a cold storage area has been fashioned for fruit and vegetables. More tall cabinets conceal extra storage space.

Fashionable laundry baskets sit beneath a handy drying rack, which can be pulled down in front of the window.

Colour change lighting is used to up the energy in the home gym design.

The wall mounted TV can pump in the music, an inspirational workout video, or the daily news.

A pink balance ball compliments the colourful LED glow.

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