Contemporary wall tile designs in color red look exciting and striking

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Red colors bring enthusiasm and energy into a contemporary bathroom and kitchen design. Red wall tiles challenge quiet room design, bringing a feeling of drama and also movement into modern kitchen & bath. 

Kitchen & bath wall and floor tiles in red colors make contemporary design ideas feel positive, strong, and expressive. Floor and wall tiles in different red shades produce beautiful combinations for contemporary kitchen & bathroom decorating in an upbeat and energizing style. Red-colored tiles youthful, emotional, and contrasting.
The vertical tile bring the metal legs on the cabinets and counters together
ACCENT Foley Fiore Architecture
A trendy freestanding tub is showcased with the red accent strip and shampoo shelf
MOSAIC Chai Design
The small mosaic tile highlight the floating shelves that surround the hood.
CONTEMPORARY Saw Hourse Design + Build
The red 4″x4′” blends the flat panel cabinets with the shower.
COZY Lucille Buell Interior Design
The ceramic subway tile highlights the dark floors and white cabinets.
GLASS William Ohs
The red glass backsplash matches the contemporary look. The hood is a custom design.
MODERN Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & bath
The shower floor & drain run parallel with the subway tile. The barn shower door brings it together
PORCELAIN Four Brothers Design + Build
The red porcelain tile highlights the floating wood shelves and the wood soffit above.
POWDER ROOM Vedco Design Group
The sink is highlighted with a line of red glass tile also using the tiles for baseboard
WHITE GROUT Homes by DePhillips
The white grout matches the white cabinets. The gray tile floors bring the countertop together.
How To Decorate With Red Tile
From the orangey-red tones of terracotta to the screaming red of a fire engine, a red tile floor looks striking in a kitchen or bathroom area. Red energizes and invigorates. The secrets of decorating with red floor tile would be the judicious use of various colors and also allowing the floor to take the starring role.

Remember, do not repeat the red on large surfaces. Regardless of exactly how much you love your red floor, fight the desire to replicate the red on additional big surfaces, like cabinets, walls, countertops, appliances, and furniture. Red is a strong, high impact color, and you are able to have an excessive amount of a good thing. Adding expanses of white likewise detracts from the floor. If you notice a sea of white, the eye will not take note of any single white element.

On the other hand, you can repeat the red in accents. Though extra huge expanses of red are out, peppering your home with a couple of little accents of red can make the red floor pop. You may make use of a red teakettle and canisters or perhaps choose a patterned fabric with red for your window curtains, chair pads, or even placemats. If you have open shelves or maybe glass-fronted cabinets, think about painting their back walls red. Incorporate red in your backsplash by scattering a couple of red backsplash tile right into a gridlike design or perhaps by utilizing mosaic tile featuring some other colors and red above your range.
The chrome wall faucet is tied together with the red tile and cement sink.
DARK RED TILE Beach House Design Development
The dark and bright red tiles bring the countertops and dark cabinets together
TRENDY Jazzy House Smart Interiors
The stacked pattern of the tile brings the vessel sink and decor together.
BIG TILES Et pourquoi pas? by John
The textured tiles add depth to the shower. The panel of glass highlights the shower fixtures.
Add Other Colors
Unless you are aiming for a stark appearance, mix various other colors to the space. Using three colors is effective with nearly all interiors, particularly in case you stick to the 60-30-10 rule of proportion. Use 60% of the dominating color, 30% of the next color, and 10% of the last. Unless you’ve got much more wall surface area compared to the slivers that involve your cabinetry and also you try painting them just one color, assume red will be your predominant color.

Stained woods do not be counted as colors; neither do metal finishes or maybe earthy shades of ceramic along with stone. Light neutrals, for instance, ivory, white, tan, and light gray, do not need to count, though you are able to choose to utilize them as colors. For instance, in a retro kitchen with red, yellow, and aqua, walls that are white and cupboards are simply backdrops. In a contemporary red, light gray, and white home, you are using white and pale gray as colors. Black, deep brown, and dark gray are trickier. It all depends on the amount you make use of any individual element. You can make an accent wall with black chalkboard paint and it will be considered as a backdrop. In case you paint every wall dark, it is a color.

Though a red tile floor commonly can serve as a focal point, you do not plan all eyes cast downward at all times. Draw the eye upward by putting in a gallery wall of framed artwork or maybe by filling display cabinets with a set of pewter, vintage porcelain, white ironstone, or even red tile roof. Hang art glass pendant lights over your island or even hang a chandelier over your breakfast table. Consider window treatments with top details, like fringed valances and shaped cornice boards.
ARCHED HOOD Maple Leaf Custom Homes
The tile matches the decor. The large cabinet hardware shows off the panel cabinets.
TEXTURED Ana Adriano interior Design
The tile is a bright red tile and the solid white shampoo shelf ties in the side walls.
LARGE BACKSPLASH Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc
The shinny red backsplash has a chrome strip through it to match the hood and hardware
FULL WALL Norton Ellis Architects
The 3’x6″ tile is displayed in this small bathroom. They tiled floor to ceiling.
TAN GROUT Interiors By Blackwood
The tan grout matches the natural cabinets and pot rack. The wall sconces are a nice touch.
TROPICAL Interior design solutions Maui
The red tile bordered around the marble. The brushed nickel fixtures look great with this tile.
Red Tile For The Bathroom
Red mosaic tile designs, mixed with white decorating ideas, force bathrooms to be unusual and unique. Red and white color combinations are one of the most energetic and powerful interior design color combinations. Red subway tile excites and stimulates, inviting to relish original interior design and bold decorating ideas. 

Red-colored accent wall design made up of bathroom tiles in red and white or red and orange colors include a magnificent centerpiece to contemporary bathroom design. Red brick tile is terrific for showcasing a particular area in the bathroom—the area within the sink along with a wall mirror or maybe a bath, making a striking focal point of bathroom design.

Beautifully matching interior design colors, red colors highlight white and black decorating ideas. Yellow, orange, golden, and brown colors look terrific with bathroom tiles in red colors too. Bathroom design ideas are enriched with adventurous mixtures of different reddish colors, from cherry red color shades to burgundy, terracotta, crimson red color, most red colors add a lively look bathroom design. 

Using bathroom tile designs with geometric or floral patterns in red and white colors helps produce much more relaxing, but bright and stunning bathroom wall space and floors. Contemporary bathroom tile design with fashionable patterns or maybe a matte finish, with nature-inspired geometric shapes and ornaments, add style & bold look to remarkable red bathroom designs.

To unleash the complete potential of red colors, you are able to test out bathroom tile designs, shapes, and sizes, creating trendy bathroom design with modest mosaic tiles or maybe large tiles which may be put together. Different patterns and tile designs with shiny coating are an excellent option for basic red bathroom tiles. Decorative, impressive, and bright, white bathroom tile designs provide a sophisticated appearance and rich feel to contemporary bathroom design.
The herringbone pattern looks great with the gray cabinets and floating wood shelves
MIRADA TILE Haylan Supply Showroom
This Mirada pattern looks great with the wood flat cabinet door, black vessel sink & hanging light.
Red Tile For The Kitchen 
The red color brings striking accents and vibrant energy into home design and decoration. The color red is powerful and exciting. They put fun to functional interiors created for cooking. Should you love red colors, these particular red tile design ideas and images ideas are for you.

We share red kitchen designs and intriguing interior decorating ideas, which bring a touch of red color into contemporary kitchens. Red-colored kitchen cabinets and decors, small accessories, and red walls jazz up kitchen interiors and encourage to put in these fabulous kitchen colors on your layout.

The red color in cabinets, accessories, walls, and small decorations go perfectly with a lot of additional interior decorating color shades and tones. Red-colored home appliances, handles, racks, or maybe flower pots look fantastic with white, black, gray color tones, and stainless steel appliances, or maybe wall tiles.

A splash of color red looks striking. Elements in red color should coordinate with everything you currently have in your home, small decorations, accessories, kitchen cabinets, as well as appliances, lighting fixtures, and red glass tile for the walls. Matching your home design color schemes with red accents harmonize contemporary interiors. 

Gorgeous home design and decor develop a trademark for your house. Reddish color accents energy, producing unique and warm living spaces. You can find numerous strategies to provide contemporary kitchen design a distinctive touch, including red tiles.
The Psychology Of Red
The red color is a positive and warm color connected with our most bodily needs and our will to survive. It exudes a good and effective masculine energy. Red is also energizing. It excites the feelings and motivates us to act. It indicates a pioneering spirit and leadership attributes, promoting determination and dream. It’s likewise strong-willed and will give confidence to those that are shy or low in will power.

Being the color of bodily movement, the color red awakens our physical life force. It’s the color of sexuality and will encourage greater and much more intimate passions in us, like love on the good aspect or maybe anger and revenge on the bad. It’s frequently utilized to express love, as in Valentine’s Day. At its most positive, it is able to produce life with its sexual energy, and utilize its bad expression of aggression and anger to fuel destruction and war.

The color red should stimulate the appetite, frequently used in restaurants because of this job. Additionally, it increases the craving for food along with other stimuli. Being surrounded by a lot of the color red could cause us to be ultimately agitated, irritated, and angry. Not enough, and we start to be fearful, manipulative, and cautious. 

In Eastern countries like China, red will be the color for good luck. Though times are changing and lots of Chinese brides currently wear white, it’s usually the color for weddings. For Indian culture, it stands for purity, and it is often used in their gowns.
Red Bathroom Decor Ideas
Energetic, brilliant, and simply breathtaking, red is a color the will give the dullest of spaces a spectacular makeover. With all the trend of utilizing light and neutral tones for interiors gaining momentum within the last ten years or so, red has again found prominence as an accent hue. Still, this vivacious color is able to go outside of simple accents to change your bathroom into a trendy, glittering space. While using red is usually a challenging affair, the bathroom appears to be the one place where it’s perfectly at home. Whether it is big, petite ones, or maybe extravagant spaces, fantastic red bathrooms manage to take the show each time!

Compared with various other areas, the presence of tiles provides you with a simple chance to incorporate red in the bathroom. In this post, we have many remarkable bathrooms ranging across various sizes and styles that showcase the best way to utilize this intense color in an amazing fashion.

In case you currently have an impressive master bedroom in red, including the color on the adjacent bathroom makes a lot of sense. Red as the dominating color in the bathroom isn’t all that difficult to pull off, so the key element for this look is in lighting. That is correct; lighting could virtually make or even break the appearance of your exquisite bathroom in red. Because you’re filling the room with brilliant color, you are going to need lighting that is perfect for clearing away some dull corners. This is particularly true in the situation of small powder and bathrooms, which are engulfed in glittering red ceramic tile. Chic and glamorous, an intelligent combination of ambient lighting and accent is the true secret to this look.

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Featured Image: Renaissance Granite & Quartz

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