BDNY Has Plenty of Ideas for Making Your Home More Comfortable and Stylish

As you know, inspiration can be found just about anywhere, so even though were on the hunt for new designs for your home, we were excited to peruse the latest finds at Boutique Design NY. Held annually at the Jacob Javits Center, the focus is on the hospitality industry, but its a fabulous place to find new innovations that will likely filter their way into residential decor.

Who hasnt ogled some of the designs in boutique hotels or the latest hot restaurants and wished they could have those at home? From all the great things we saw, were highlighting these because we think they are cool designs that are really appealing.

Marquetry Optical Illusion

If youre after a statement cabinet, this is it. The Four Point Star 3D Geometric Cabinet is from the Op art Collection by JC Hospitality. A stunner from any angle, this cabinet has an amazing star design that is elevated by the three-dimensional effect incorporated on the doors. Marquetry itself is an exacting art and this design pushes the limits. Crafted from dark golden walnut, it is a perfect focal point piece in a living or dining space. It could also highlight a bedrooms decor. In any case, the interior features 6 drawers and three roomy shelves.

A Design Homage

Lovers of edgier decor or just rock and roll will immediately fall for this David Bowie chair from Century Lighting Art and Design. The special upholstery adds just the right vibe to the streamlined profile, all enhanced by the lighting pieces used in the grouping. The abstract wall pattern is also a fitting backdrop for this awesome chair. It has David Bowie on it what more do we need to say!

Natural Materials

The popularity of natural materials shoes no signs of waning so we had to include this marvelous elephant-shaped cabinet by Philippine designer Kenneth Cobanpue. Part of his Babar Collection, the cabinet/desk is woven from rattan, wood and steel in a pattern that is intended to evoke the natural texture of elephant skin. The plump piece is roomy with storage inside the legs and head, along with a tail that doubles as a little whisk broom. The ear of the elephant is a handy corkboard too.

Retro Styling and Details

In a great example of whats old is new again, this desk, chair and accessories from Pendulux show how retro style is very fresh. Vintage mechanical detailing abounds in the companys products and enthusiasts of decor that features steampunk, industrial, nautical or aviation elements will love these pieces. The desk is certainly a centerpiece with its riveted details modern flair. The leather chair has a classic but industrial and super comfortable look. Its paired with the Crane Floor Lamp that also has plenty of mechanical detailing.

Modern Boudoir

Fringe has been trending in fashion lately so its no wonder this glam trim has taken hold in the decor realm too. These great lamps are the ARCIPELAGO, a collaboration between Contardi and Servomuto. The polished brass shade top was inspired by the organic outline of an Archipelago, from which the hand-crafted silk fringe elegantly dangles. It comes in a range of colors that are like the natural hues of land and sea. Of course, its still a modern piece, with up-to-date features like a dimmable LED light source with three phases. Its also available as a floor lamp.

Materially Mysterious

Fleetwood Fine Furniture does custom projects for the hospitality industry and in the midst of their gorgeous bedroom design, this light fixture was an attention-getter. The elegant curves of the fixture are marvelous and as you reach up to fell the wood you find its actually crafted from a very light foam. The curvature and the lines are very flowing and sophisticated, all achieved with the humble material in a fabulous example of artistry and material creativity.

Ghostly Forms

Homedit first found the Gweilo light by the Partisans factory at IDS in 2017 where we were very taken by how the transparent sheets turn a simple LED light into a ghostly form. We were overjoyed to see this chandelier version presented by Studio M Lighting. Smaller acrylic pieces are individually attached to the LED source and then artfully grouped in a cascade of undulating sheets of light.

Art Carpets

Rugs have truly evolved from patterned floor coverings to works of art that really look like they should be hung on the wall instead of placed on the floor. Couristan displayed an array of artful rugs, from graphic geometrics to highly artful designs like this one. Having such a fabulous rug on the floor really draws attention to the center of the room or wherever it is placed. Artful rugs like this are an ideal way to bring a living space with a neutral palette from mundane to marvelous.

Organic Feel

Moving outdoors doesnt mean that you cant enjoy a super stylish rug. nanimarquina has created an outdoor version of its popular Shade Collection. This design features earthy hues that are artfully woven into an ombr pattern using a complex technical process. The pattern actually has six different colors in two gradients vertical and horizontal that make up the changing colors. It is a popular rug option for the indoors and now you can have it in your outdoor living space.

Profusion of Flowers

Partial to florals or not, you cant help but be drawn to this rug. The wild array of colorful blooms set against a blue trellis geometric is a real stunner and includes about 70 colors. It is designed by Adam Tihany of Tihany Design in New York for Sacco Carpet, and similar custom creations have been installed in a variety of locations, from The Breakers in Palm Beach to the Four Seasons in Dubai. The creation of the rug has been described as being like painting a mural and with such a magnificent result, we would have to agree.

Natural Lines

Its hard to decide whats more awesome in this display by Naturalist: the live-edge furniture or the wall garden above it. Longtime fans of the companys live-edge pieces, we like how the more organic live-edge elements mesh with the necessarily angular ones like the bed frame and the desks. The suspended headboard cushions add comfort without detracting from the wood slabs. The wall garden is a totally maintenance-free installation of greens that are preserved using the latest technology. Together, the two elements create a very natural feeling bedroom space that is utterly relaxing.

Headboard Drama

Theres nothing like a massive headboard to add drama to the bedroom and when it goes all the way to the ceiling, the bed is definitely the centerpiece of the decor. This one has a touch of art deco and is studded with inset jewels that add texture and some color. The piece is part of the Galaxy Collection by RPW Design for Creation Hospitality. It has just enough bling to set off the shapes in the design without being overly glitzy and it draws the eye upward, making any room seem taller too.

Art Deco

A bedroom full of art deco splendor from William Montague combines a dramatic, tall headboard wall piece with period wall lighting and nightstands. The bed itself has a base and shorter headboard of channel-tufted dusty pink velvet, which adds yet another glamorous element. The gilded lines of the design on the wall are an angular counterpoint to the soft curves of the lighting and nightstand bases. This is a very elegant and fresh take on period design for a stunning bedroom.

Pattern Potpourri

Another trend from fashion is the mixing of prints in one outfit and this room by Pulp Design Studio. The textiles are actually a new hospitality textile collection with S Harris Home and Fabricut, which will be available in 2020. From the freeform abstract design on the wall above the bed to the animal print pillows and the geometric upholstery on the chairs, all are very different but are a very successful mix. The completely matchy-matchy look is definitely out of favor and the new eclectic mixes of textile patterns are far more interesting.

Unbelievable Tile

It might be hard to believe, but this expanse of shelved books is actually custom printed tile. This Bibliophile tile is one of many stock and endless custom options from Imagine Tile. Under the tagline of Let Your Imagination Run Tiled, the company can quite literally make any tile you want from images and artwork to geometric designs. This particular design came from a design project for the DEspresso cafe next to the New York City Library. Its really the best of both worlds: an easy-care tile surface and an artful design that everyone will enjoy.

Fresh Vanity Designs

It might be designed for the hospitality industry but this bathroom vanity has all the style and function that anyone could want for a home as well. Designed by KLEM, The two-part vanity features a stylish vessel basin, plenty of open storage and a towel rod underneath, along with a vanity table with pouf for primping and prepping for the day. The mirror above the vanity has an organic shape and adds some extra flair. The mix of materials is very fresh and right on trend for any bathroom.

Retro Bathroom Hardware

Many people want all the modern comforts but in a more classic looking package like this shower set up from Waterworks. Styled in an old-fashioned brass finish, each of the elements here has a vintage look with substance as well as style. Separate knobs for hot and gold that have a retro design are a great match with the curvy shower head that is large enough to be like a rainfall shower. While this is a perfect match for the subway tile on the walls, the hardware would be a great pairing for many types of shower tiling.

Modern Barn Style

You might not think about incorporating a barn door into a modern design style, but the Mandy Li Collection has done so with great success. A special gliding track system keeps these doors moving smoothly, whether they are crafted to be more rustic or a modern glossy while like this one. Sure, some publications are declaring that barn doors are over but Lis design proves that its a highly functional, space-saving door design that is still extremely relevant for todays homes.

Interactive Art

When we talk about interacting with art, its usually limited to viewing it, but PI Fine Art has some different ideas about that. The company is a leading source for art in the corporate and hospitality worlds as well as fulfilling the demand for custom created artwork. At BDNY, the presented some interactive art pieces, which use a sequined textile on the cushion and on the wall art that anyone can draw on to add a design, initials or shapes. The art can then be wiped away with the swipe of the hand to start anew. This is such a fun concept for commercial or home settings.

Cabana Luxury

If you have champagne taste with a prosecco budget, you might not be able to afford a yacht but this awesome poolside lounge might give you the same vibes. The design by David Christopher is from the Searenity Collection, which debuted at the show. This luxury poolside cabana is a cut above the rest far above as a matter of fact. Called the Sovereign Lady, this lounge bed unit has a built-in minibar, a fabric canopy that retracts and arotating base the bed can be moved to follow the sun. It also features an innovative misting system that uses the water from melting ice in the minibar.

Fun Textiles

Fun textiles and art have a place in every home and these from Society6 prove that. Colorful cushions in a variety of patterns all bring life to the neutral sofa and go well with the various artworks. Mixing and matching allows buyers to reflect their personalities and create a space that feels unique and special. The best thing about small decor pieces is that they are easy to swap out frequently to change up the mood or the seasonality of the decor.

New Outdoor Designs

It might be the start of the winter season, but that doesnt mean that you cant dream about the great outdoor living space you can create come warmer weather. A little different than the usual webbed or woven furniture, Tidelli Outdoor has a large variety of rope furniture designs. This chair and ottoman are knotted with a pattern that resembles a fishermans net more than a typical woven chair. Its a fun design that injects a little bit of novelty into any outdoor living space.

Better than a Hammock

This dream of a daybed is from Walters, and has plenty of room for two! The intricately woven wicker frame is square but comfortable angled outward, perfect for lounging the day away. Whether suspended or placed on a base, the daybed is super stylish and beyond comfortable perfect as the centerpiece of your backyard oasis. Once you crawl in, youll never want to leave!

High-End Home Gym

Known for its wooden rowing machines made from Verified Sustainable Hardwoods sourced from the Appalachian Mountain region of the US, WaterRower has branched out into wooden treadmills and very stylish home gym set-ups. This compact gym has everything you need, from the adjustable bench and rack to the very chic wood and leather hand weights. It has a built-in television and an endless array of options, turning a workout into another design element of a well-edited space.

This small sampling provides just a glimpse of the great inspirational designs that were on display at BDNY. Whether youre looking for ideas for your own space or just browsing and dreaming, theres plenty to see.

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