A Home With Wooden Shutter For Young Professional Couple

Modern house building deals with window glass and window door in many parts of the house. It aims to attain plenty of natural light as well as shows glimpses of interior design. The materials used usually the combination of glass, concrete, tile, woods, and other stuffs. Like this home with wooden shutter that built for your professional couple as follow.


The faade of the house deals with front yard with green plants and stepping stone as walkway. The wooden window shutters are functional. When opened, those can create private shade for the patio underneath.


With living room, dining room, and kitchen at one area, this place shows us comfy open concept layout. The living space is filled with brown leather sofa and an ottoman. Then the glass door let this place get plenty of natural light when the owner opens the black curtain. Look at the kitchen that located behind the living space that look minimalist.


At this space, we can see a dining space with rectangular wooden table. It has acrylic chairs that make this space look larger. Unique lighting fixtures over the dining area look awesome and cool. Further, it has fantastic wine bottle rack too.


Colorful paintings at this space will directly draw our attention. Concrete shelf underneath is functioned to put on some home accents like a potted green plant and stuffs. Look at a unique element of this area where a clock hang over the dining space.


If you wish to have a simple home library, this is what you need to copy. Look at the book which arranged vertically as a great display. The reading nook is with round wooden table and wooden floor to gain warmer condition.


White color for master bathroom is nice decision to have larger look. A glass window let us get plenty of natural light every day and see wonderful view outside. Blue colors on the bench look attractive.


The nursery room has long glass window that make this space brighter. White hue for wall is much better. The rug and area rug create warm and cozy feel. There is a floating desk bay window that can be filled with books or others.


A minimalist bathroom with curvy elements let us feel comfy. What make us never want to leave this space is that the application of green tiles on the wall. There is bench that is used for vanity and a simple storage underneath.


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