6 ft x 16" Bathroom Towel Ladder, Farmhouse Towel Ladder, Towel Rack, Primitive by JustKnotWood

105.00 USD

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6 ft x 16" Rustic Blanket Ladder

Simply place this sturdy towel ladder in your bathroom for a beautiful way to store and display your towels. No more hanging towels on shower curtains or having them fall on the floor. The 16" wide design is perfect for bath towels and takes up very little space.

Shown in Dark Walnut


-72"H x 16"W
-Multiple color options available!
-5 rungs

Please note that while sturdy, these ladders should not be used for climbing. Use for decorative and blanket hanging purposes only to avoid injury.

Each Ladder comes fully assembled and requires no additional set up once received!

Please contact me with any questions or requests for custom sizes. If you can dream it, I can build it!

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