5 Cheap Ways to Maximize Closet Space

1. Shelf Dividers – Starting at $2.99
Add shelf dividers to the shelf above your closet rod to keep it neat and tidy. Shelf dividers help keep stacks of jeans, bed sheets, and other items neatly stored and separated. Organize-It offers shelf dividers to work with both wire or solid shelving, so you have no excuse for not organizing your shelf!
2. Clothes Hangers – Starting at $.99
Clothes hangers are often forgotten, yet they are perhaps the most important aspect to closet storage. You need standard plastic or velvet hangers of course. These are essential for the bulk of your clothing storage.

Specialty hangers allow you to hang up clothing accessories such as ties, belts, and scarves. This keeps everything you need stored right alongside your clothes.

Tiered hangers are a must have for your closet space. These clothes hangers allow you to store a handful of garments on one hanger by using vertical space. Tiered hangers are designed to store blouses, slacks, tank tops, camisoles, and even lingerie!

Need even more storage space? The Black Magic Hanger Holder is designed to store multiple clothes hangers vertically, which allows you to maximize the storage potential of your closet without stretching the budget.
3. Closet Valets – Starting at $5.99
Do you have a bare wall in your closet or bedroom? Closet valets are an inexpensive way to add temporary hanging space for clothes. Hanger holders make it easy to set out an outfit for the next day, hang up clothes while you’re sorting laundry, and so much more.

Add the same storage space to your closet with wall hooks. Wall-mounted hooks are a simple way to add style to your closet by giving your space a different, and sometimes unique, look. Add wall hooks to the closet, bedroom, bathroom, and elsewhere in your home to store bathrobes, jackets, and more.
4. Another Closet Rod – Starting at $3 per foot
You can never get enough hanging space in your closet. One way to double the available space in your closet is by adding another closet rod. Depending on the size of your closet and which finishes you choose, you can install a permanent closet rod for under $30.

Instantly double the space in your closet without taking on a major project with a closet doubler! This innovative product is designed to slide right onto your existing closet rod and hang down to serve as a second closet rod. This allows you to effectively double your closet space for a fraction of the price. You can add one to your space for under $15
5. Shoe Storage – Starting at $10.99
One of the most overlooked items in your closet is your shoes! Shoes have a tendency to clutter up your closet floor and ironically, get underfoot. Make sure you have a system to store your shoes and keep them neatly organized. Store dress shoes and other fancy footwear in shoe boxes to keep them tidy and safe from harm. Organize-it offers specially designed shoe boxes that are designed for men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and high boots.

Add a shoe rack below the closet rod to keep your everyday footwear neatly stored yet ready to wear. Organize-It offers several modular shoe racks that will fit neatly underneath a closet rod. If you have enough room in your closet or bedroom, a Floor to Ceiling Rotating Shoe Tree is perfect for keeping your shoes beautifully stored.

With just a few dollars, you can easily add organization to your bedroom closet! Organizing your space and your life starts with a single step, or in this case, a simple click of the mouse!

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