Frank Pressie Heavy Duty Pants Hangers Space Saving Non Slip Skirt Hanger Open Ended Pant Organizer Clothes and Multifunctional Tie Rack for Belts Pack of 3

Frank Pressie Heavy Duty Pants Hangers Space Saving Non Slip Skirt Hanger Open Ended Pant Organizer Clothes and Multifunctional Tie Rack for Belts Pack of 3

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Multi functional pants rack - PERFECT Closet Organizer - slim pant hangers; tiered; 8 tiers in total; rust resistant; very easy to hand in closet; each pant hanger is strong and sturdy, won’t get bend or out of shape
Eco-friendly black rubber is anti slip; clothes like trousers or skirts do not slide off, no need for clamps, not like plastic hangers; smooth surface and scratch resistant; protect from creases
GREAT Home Organization and storage - Clothes rack is perfect space and money saver, no need to buy 8 large hangers with clips - Super aid in decluttering closets keeping them clean and tidy, ideal for dorm
Multipack comes with unique design tie organizer with 24 bars and 2 extra hooks for belts, necklaces; open end rack with non-slip rubber in butterfly shape for multiple usage
TOP QUALITY FRANK PRESSIE multi-functional hanger racks are perfect for travel as they are light weight, pants rack dimensions are: 13.5 in x 9.5 in, tie rack hanger dimensions are: 11 in x 7 in


- Try out our Pant Organizer as these are the ultimate space-saving hangers making your closet look more organized and neat

- If you don’t have a big closet and used to fold your pants in the drawer, NOW it can look different, you can use the hanger to hold the pants in the closet without any wrinkles!

- Get our pants holders to space in your dorm closet

- You can use our holders for multiple items like jeans, dress pants, suit pants, skirts, belts, scarves, accessories, even bathroom towels TOP QUALITY

- Our stainelss steel hangers are very resistant and will NEVER rust

- Don't worry about the distortion as they are of high hardness and can definitely be used for a long time

- Breakage resistant - Even if you accidentally drop it to the floor, you can barely see the change of it, they won’t bend or anything - Quality is great and sturdySilicone protection WITHOUT toxic smelling rubber

- We use Anti-scratch silicone coating finish which means there are smooth edges and good end caps

- No-slip bars will definitely hold your pants! Rubber keep the items from slipping and falling off

No fold marks – Our hangers do not have any clips which means they perfectly hold garments in place without leaving damaging marks behindOPEN END – EASY TO USE

- Remove your clothes easily as with open-ended hangers pants come off without any difficulty

- Open ends allow users to add and remove clothes quickly, ideal hanger-on/hanger off

- Bars are long and wide enough to hold dress pants in place, towels or men's pants are still OK to fit on the layerEXTRA TIE RACK

- This is a neck tie holder perfect for items like jewellery, watches, scarfs, bows

- Our tie hanger has also built in 2 hooks with non slip rubber end – ideal for belts or necklaces

- Helpful during travel keep your ties wrinkle-free on your business trip

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